Develop For GamePhrame

Visit our Developers Forum. Submit your own game ideas here for users to vote on. The best ideas will get published.

Feel free to also introduce yourself and discuss what you love and hate about the GamePhrame.


The games that get the most upvotes will be produced in officially licensed Expansion Packs. If your idea is used, you will be rewarded with a crisp $100 bill, a free Original GamePhrame, and the Expansion Pack featuring your game.

Produce your Own Game

If you would like to produce your own Expansion Pack under the GamePhrame brand, contact us for licensing rights. We currently charge a fee of $100 (but it won’t be that cheap forever!) for a 5 year license. Once you have rights, you can run your own Kickstarter or sell the Expansion Pack how you choose. If you’d like to discuss longer terms or a permanent license or other opportunities, we are open to ideas. Contact us.

Once licensed, you can use our logo where you like, and we’ll promote your game on our site, to our social media and our email list. We figure it’s a win-win. The more Expansion Packs you develop, the more in-demand our GamePhrame cabinet will be. 

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