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Play chessscrabble-like games, fridge poetry-like games, checkerstic tac toe games and more as you walk by.

Play it on the wall as you walk by, or take it anywhere because the game pieces stay in place. 

Learn in 90 Seconds

To date, we’ve developed the following games: ChessCheckers4-in-a-RowStackPhrameLetterPhrameSearchPhrameGrabPhrameGrabPhrameRelaxedSquabblePhrameMessagePhramePoetryPhrameStoryPhrameSentencePhrame, and HaikuPhrame. As we and the GamePhrame community invent more games, we’ll post them here.

If you are familiar with word search games, each of the GamePhrame games can be learned in under 90 seconds.

See instructions for the games by clicking here.

 Letter Search Games

LetterPhrame is a race to get rid of cubes by spelling words. Winner is player on left because they have used up all letters. Player on right has 5 letters remaining, and is therefore a loser. That coffee is instant, so twice a loser.
This is the initial setup for SearchPhrame and GrabPhrame games, where you pull out letters to spell words.

Old Standards




Word Play Games


Let your inner truths speak out. Maybe profound, maybe not. You can always change it.

Click here to view details of all games included with GamePhrame.

Play for months, a few seconds at a time.

You always have Time to Play. GamePhrame mounts on a wall, meaning you can play it while cooking dinner in a few minutes, or as you come and go between work, classes or practice. Need to stow it away for tidying up? That’s ok too–you won’t lose your place.


Game Instructions

The GamePhrame comes with a unique poster-sized, unfolded set of instructions. It lays flat inside the packaging. We opted to not use a booklet because some users may choose to affix the instructions to the back of the GamePhrame for permanent reference.

Alternatively, you can affix the instructions to the wall underneath where you mount the GamePhrame cabinet. This way the instructions are easy to see when playing in tabletop mode, but out of the way the rest of the time. Click here to view instructions. 

Hide instruction poster on wall behind GamePhrame

The board game that can last 30 years.

Welcome the Singularity with a game of word search

No plastic. No paper. No cardboard. Just extremely hard, extremely durable bamboo and birch wood. Even the back wall is solid bamboo and not MDF or plastic. (So solid you can literally drill holes wherever you want through it to screw it into a wall.) Bamboo is so durable it’s frequently used for kitchen flooring. There just isn’t much to break. A dog with strong teeth might eat a few cubes, but you can always order new cubes sets from our site for under $10.

You may literally hand this game over to your grandkids one day. Or your grandkid’s robots, in which case it may not be your choice.

Easy to hang. Easy to play on a table.

The solid weight and silicone feet make this the most stable tabletop game you’ve ever seen. It takes a serious shove just to make the game wobble.

The silicone feet keep the hanging hardware from scratching your  table.

You may also use velcro mounting strips (not included) to hang on wall. We find that three strips of 3 inches each are sufficient. You don’t need to remove existing hardware and feet to hang because velcro strips are thicker than the hardware.

 Tilt Proof.

You can tilt the board any direction up to 45º in the middle of the game without disruption. It may go 46°, but if it spills at that point it’s on you.

Need to pick up the game to move out of the way? Not a problem. All the rows except the 4 Limbo rows have notches to hold cubes in place.

Interruption Proof.

No more toddlers or Labradors stumbling in and knocking a game over.

You’re really aren’t going to take knight’s pawn? 

Great for kids.

Practice spelling skills, writing skills, and just generally doing something that’s not on a screen.

Great for families.

Busy parents can take a minute out of their day to respond to the latest game move or reply to a message their kid has left. Activity can go on for months, a few seconds at a time. Ideal for passive aggressive parenting or finding a new way to dismiss your clueless mom.

Great for seniors.

There is a lot of evidence that board games can help with cognition and connection among senior citizens. GamePhrame’s cubes are large enough to pinch and handle easily. There’s also a nice mix of familiar, comfortable games to get them going, and new games to keep things interesting.

It’s easier for older hands to grip the thicker pieces while playing games like checkers.

Great for fans of the Queen’s Gambit.

We mean the chess strategy, not the Netflix program that in no way endorses this product. The sudden and massive popularity of that show and the introduction of this product is strictly coincidental.

It’s not a real gambit, as Black will put themselves in a terrible position if they take the pawn. (Queen to A4, Queen takes pawn.) Feel free to use this nugget of wisdom at the next cocktail party. I always do.

Great for waiting rooms.

If you have customers waiting in a lobby, give them (or their kids) something to do to pass the time. Unless of course you aren’t yet ready to upgrade from that 14 year old issue of Newsweek.

“That article about Alan Greenspan really took my mind off the colonoscopy.”

Great for anyone who loves board games.

Know someone who owns 5 or more board games and has a home with 3 or more walls? They will probably like this product. Even if they only have 2 walls, the odds are still not bad.

They can’t.

Great for minimalists.

“I really should get rid of that lamp.”

Replace a dozen board games with a single board game. This is the gift for people who don’t really want to own things.

Great for parties.

If you have guests standing with drinks, it’s surprising how quickly they’ll turn to the GamePhrame on the wall and get a quick game going without even being told. It’s a casual ice breaker that lets people chime in over a quick game of 4-in-a-Row, or flirt a little with SquabblePhrame. Sometimes even a real chess game breaks out with party goers shouting advice at each other. It’s a game that starts conversations and promotes mingling.

And let’s face it, Charades is kind of awkward.

These people are being polite.

Great for college students.

Hang it on a wall in your dorm and watch people send messages and start games. It probably has drinking game potential.

An alternative to the same 3 posters freshmen put up to demonstrate how unique and interesting they are.

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